Events photography for breast cancer charity

Events photography for breast cancer charity


What I really love about my job is its unpredictability, especially when it comes to events photography. This time I was asked to cover the launch event for the ‘Bust Up’ exhibition at The Lightbox in Woking. The event was organised for the breast cancer charity ‘Walk the Walk’. This charity is well known for organising the world-famous moonwalks. Participants power walk at least a half marathon through capital cities whilst wearing decorated bras. All to raise money for research into causes of breast cancer.

Close up of 'Walk the Walk' founder Nina Barough CBE amongst the exhibits at the the 'Bust Up' launch event.

Walk the Walk felt that it should do something quite special to celebrate it’s 21st birthday, so decided to stage an exhibition at the iconic Lightbox in Woking. The Lightbox is an art gallery and museum dubbed one of the most exciting spaces of its kind in the South East. The Lightbox opened in 2007 and was designed by architects Marks Barfield. They were also responsible for the London Eye. It is a very striking building lying between the main Victoria Way and the Basingstoke Canal. In 2008 the Lightbox won the arts fund museum of the year and in 2016 was awarded a green tourism silver award.

A detailed image of the Eric Clapton themed bra for the Walk the Walk charity launch event featured embroidered guitars.

The Event

Nina Barough CBE founded ‘Walk the Walk’ in 1996 from a desk in the Playtex offices in Woking. The idea was originally to power walk the New York City marathon in bras as a one off event to raise money for breast cancer.  The Walk the Walk charity is based in Woking, hence the exhibition being held in the town. Ironically, following the success of the idea, Nina herself was diagnosed with the disease. Following a lot of treatment and surgery Nina has gone from strength to strength and has led the charity in raising more than £121 million over the years.

close up of the stainless steel bra designed by Michael Condron for the walk the walk charity

Walk the Walk felt that it would be most fitting to exhibit some of their trademark decorated bras in the exhibition.

There are seven bras in total and each have a direct connection to Woking.

  • Mclaren created the Formula 1 bra
  • Michael Condron created the ‘War of the Worlds’ Bra
  • Hanesbrands created the Wonderbra
  • Allen Carr bra was created by Julien Macdonald OBE
  • The Lightbox bra was created by Woking college students Téa Breeze, Harwood and Sophie Milne
  • Meccanica created the Jason Kenny OBE bra
  • Jeff Banks CBE created the  Rock n Roll
A close up image of a designed bra celebrating London 2012 for the Bust Up launch event for the Walk th eWalk charity

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