Gaining publicity by utilising PR and Marketing photography

Gaining publicity by utilising PR and Marketing photography

The marketing mix has definitely changed over the years. Never more so in the latest crisis. There is increasing emphasis on online content and social media awareness.

This makes it so important that you make the best use of your marketing and PR photography.

The immediacy of modern platforms and the sheer quantity of data being put out there means that your post can disappear in moments.

The key to success is consistency and regular posting. This means that there is a continuing requirement for PR and marketing photography.

There are a number of ways to achieve this…

You could enlist the services of a professional, who will give you the right quality of image to make your business stand out. Another is to keep things in house, although this may compromise things somewhat as quality and consistency may vary.

To mitigate this you can train the operatives and give them exact criteria and briefs. Of course, photography training is another service that I provide and I have recently run one to one sessions for an estate agency and a catering organisation.

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A curved route through a tunnel of coloured glass with a curved bench along the side.

As it is now the right time to think about and book this type of shoot, I thought that I would showcase a case study to highlight where I can help.

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PR & Marketing photography – case study

Ground Control – Childrens Garden at Kew

I was contacted by the designers and installers of the new childrens garden at Kew Gardens. They required publicity shots of their big reveal to the families of people who work at Kew Gardens.

The benefit for me to receive a fully detailed brief for PR and marketing photography is that I have a reference point to work to. This means that I will capture all of the shots required by the client. The brief given was to capture publicity shots of the newly designed and built childrens garden.

They wanted an overview of the gardens before the official opening and also required images capturing the children enjoying the garden. This was for their website, social media and PR. My point of liaison was the marketing manager.

A view across part of the new childrens garden at Kew. There are bright coloured balls on the lawn in the foreground with flower beds behind

The garden was designed to be a fun interactive space to encourage children to climb, run, jump and explore. It was based around 4 zones featuring the things needed to thrive and grow – earth, air, sun and water.

A number of wooden huts surrounded by sand in a play area in the new childrens garden at Kew.

The central feature of the garden is a 4m high canopy walk around a 200 year old oak tree. There is also a bamboo tunnel and a water feature that represents a stream, including water pumps and dam gates that open.

A group of children enjoying the water garden at the childrens garden at Kew. There are water pumps and sluices to play with.

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