The importance of brand photography for the post Covid world

The importance of brand photography for the post Covid world

There are so many people who are now looking to rebuild their business following the global catastrophe that 2020 has been. It is true that the world has changed for good, and we need to reflect that change in the way that we promote our business.

So how can brand photography help?

The good old business card is becoming somewhat outdated as our calling card. In the world today, social platforms and websites are king. You need a new way to draw attention to yourself and must set yourself apart from others.

An attractive mature woman posing in front of bright corrugated aluminium roller shutters

How will brand photography help you in your business?

It is best to have a consistent brand message across all platforms. This is where branding comes in.

This is now vital as your online presence is so important to your business. Even if you do not run a business, it is still important as you should treat it as part of your online CV.

Before you can even start, you should be thinking about your brand message. You need to tell your story, which should be genuine. It needs to reflect your true character.

A portrait taken on location with diagonal stripes as a background

You need to think of it as the story people tell about you when you are not in the room. It should emphasise your uniqueness and show what you are passionate about.

An intrinsic part of this process is to get yourself a great set of professionally produced images that fit in with your brand.

A relaxed mature woman with folded arms posing in front of a background covered in graffiti.

The Client experience

As an example, I was called upon by Anne who, although retired, required a set of brand photography images to help her promote herself as an author.

Anne has a huge passion for cars, especially Mercedes cars, so we decided to meet at Mercedes Benz World in Surrey as the initial location for the shoot. This turned out not to be that inspiring, so I suggested relocating to an area close by which featured graffiti under the M25 motorway.

A relaxed corporate portrait of a mature woman under a motorway flyover with a canal in the background

If this sounds rather daunting; you can be assured that it does not need to be. I offer a free consultation where we can discuss what is important to you, your likes, and your dislikes. We can discuss your values and business ethos.

Thought will be given to suitable locations for the shoot, be it at your business premises or else on location. I can suggest suitable clothing and colours that suit your personality and message.

Following the shoot, you will receive a set of professionally finished images that you can use for your website, brochures and social media.

If you are considering creating your own brand or wish to update your existing brand, please give me a call or use the contact form.

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