About Andrew

A view across a Scottish glen with a loch in the background. A photographer is taking a photo of the view.
Image of the photographer Andrew Boschier in a slot canyon in Utah, USA

My name is Andrew Boschier and photography has been a passion of mine from an early age and it has shaped many areas of my life.

Landscape photography is my true love. I love to be free in wild, remote open spaces, climbing high above the land and capturing magical light.

It is just heaven to be standing above the clouds on a mountain, waiting for the first rays of light.




Ten years ago I made the best decision of my life – to turn my lifelong passion for photography into a full-time career.

I now spend my entire working life as a professional commercial photographer, doing something that I love and am proud of.

Of course, I have had varied careers however, during the majority of my working life I have been involved in science.

This has led me to become a bit of a technical photographer.

I’m absorbed with knowing my camera inside out and use it instinctively. I understand the limitations of the technology and this helps me to create the perfect image where others would struggle.

This is where this can help with your shoot as I will know how to get the perfect shots that you need to promote your business.

Of course, as a small business owner, I understand and appreciate what it takes to market a business effectively.

My aim is to capture the images that will really help your business stand out.

Also, I love to pass on my knowledge and expertise to others as I just love to teach other photographers and business owners too.

To understand my style, this is summed up in three words: Bold, Vibrant and Dynamic


Photographer Andrew Boschier standing in front of a Russian helicopter on th erim of a volcano in Kamchatka.
A group of people in harneses and helmets on a thin ledge on the side of a mountain clipped onto a 'Via Ferata' wire

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