Garden photography for coastal garden

Garden photography for coastal garden

This was my third garden photography shoot for landscape designer Tracey Parker. Previously I covered her show garden at BBC Gardeners World Live and a project for a national hotel chain. This time it was a residential project in Broadstairs, Kent.

View out of the garden room over the redesigned garden.

Tracey’s client’s requirements were “to make the most of a small space for a semi-retired couple who wanted a decent amount of outdoor entertaining for family and friends. They also needed  a flexible play space for visiting grandchildren”.

The client also required “a lush, coastal feel to the planting, which was low maintenance”. Tracey’s designs were predominantly evergreen with palms, tropical looking plants with splashes of colour close to the terrace area. The project also made use of some composite decking specifically for its longevity and low maintenance.

A beautiful coastal inspired garden showing the marine ply decking.

This project was run alongside another to extend and refurbish the existing sunroom. Large bi-fold doors which extended to the width of the sunroom were added which opened up to really give the family the feeling that they were sitting in the garden.

This provided Tracey with the opportunity to enhance the terrace area with a porcelain paved patio. This gave a clean contemporary look that matched the new sunroom extension.

A view across a redesigned garden and garden room showing the varied planting.

Both projects complimented each other and the whole design felt as one.

It was a great opportunity for Tracey, as it was born out of a collaboration between Tracey and Dawn of Inara Interiors.

Dawn designed the rebuild of the sunroom. Dawn is also a client of mine, and I introduced them. This is a great example where collaboration has produced a really stunning result which the clients are delighted with.

A view across the decking towards a garden room featuring the matching outdoor furniture.

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