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Background to the marketing shoot

One of the things that sets me apart from other photographers is that I love working with businesses that have a great set of traditional values. So when one of my a regular clients who designs websites called me to discuss her latest commercial photography project, it was music to my ears.

She had been commissioned to construct a new site for an independently owned garage. They which badly needed an updated website. The original site was built for the current owners father and looked particularly dated.

The business had been in the ownership of the same family for around 60 years.  Also there were some really quirky features to be photographed.


A collection of old oil cans used to service cars

The brief.

Liz needed to build a modern looking website that also held on to the traditional features of the businesss. It had been owned by the same family for around 60 years.and they were rightly proud of this.

The images had to look fresh and bright yet showing this tradition. There was a need to capture the service area in particular as this had been recently refurbished and now featured the latest in car servicing technlology. There was also a requirement to feature some of the other buildings at the site as it was planned for these to be rented out to other busineses.


A member of staff stocking shelves at Gales garage

The shoot

The shoot turned out to be very interesting. Liz was right,  there were no end of really quirky features about the business. There was even half of a Morris Minor sticking out of the workshop wall that had been there since the 1950’s.

Another feature was a display cabinet in the waiting area containing the original green shield stamp machine that the garage used including a supply of the books of stamps.

The workshop had been recently updated and part of the brief was to show the range of modern servicing equipment. They also wanted to get some shots of the resident mechanic at work.

I also had to get some risky shots of the premises from across the main road which was rather busy and with no pavement for safety.

A view across the modern MOT test facilities at Gales garage


There is always a need to check the brief before editing the images so that you create the required style to fit in with the clients requirements. Here a bright and airy feel was required as this was the look that the owner of the garage required. The old site looked particularly dark and dated.

The current owner had taken over from her father who had recently retired from the business after around 50 years in charge. She was keen to have a new look for the business to reflect this change.

A view across the modern MOT test facilities at Gales garage


The one thing that I love is to work with other creatives on an ongoing basis. This was one of a number of commercial photography shoots that I have been involved with for Liz. We now understand how we work and I know what Liz willl require when she gives me the brief.

It all works really well. To readmore about another project completed for Liz please visit the page –  Corporate branding case study

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A mechanic working on a car as part of a PR photography shoot


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