Corporate Branding

A young lady posing for some corporate photography whilst sitting at her desk
A corporate branding portrait of garden designer Tracey Parker with green ferns as a background

Do you need corporate branding for your business?


There is an adage in business that you only do business with people that you know, like and trust. This means that it is so important to present yourself in a way that people can get to know you as a person.




Most business owners understand the importance of creating a corporate brand around their products and services, but many forget that part of this brand is themselves too.

To create a fully formed brand you need to consider everything from the obvious logo to colours and fonts.

You need a set of corporate branding images that put you at the centre of your brand. You need to be able to create a brand that will differentiate yourself from your competitors.

This should start with you creating a virtual picture of your ideal client in your target market. You should then create your corporate brand around yourself and those things which are important to your prospective client. You need to create a clear visual identity for your brand.

You need to think of it as the story people tell about you when you are not in the room. It should emphasise your uniqueness and show what you are passionate about.

A lot of businesses will try to cut corners while working on their brand. They are just too keen to get up and running. They will rely on stock images which do not show their brand attributes but something rather more generic. This can be problematical as their USP might not be apparent.

Three directors of a company pictured during a board meeting at their corporate offices.
A corporate image of a director of a company taken at their desk.

 You need to source unique images that tell the story of your business and reflect its and your true character and ethos. As a commercial photographer I recognise the importance of showing your unique identity to your clients.

I have helped many businesses enhance their corporate branding with creative images that fit their unique identity. To help me with this I need to get to know your business. I need to share the passion that you have, so that I take images that reflect your love for your business.

If you are starting out or feel that you need a rebrand, please give me a call and book an initial no obligation chat to see where I can help.

I also can help promote your other marketing activities such as Events and PR through professional corporate photography. If you are looking to promote your business, please get in touch to see how I can help you.

If already have a strong brand you will need to maintain a set of up-to-date images especially if you are expanding your team. You need to have a consistent and professional look for all your staff portraits.

I can arrange a studio style shoot at your premises as well as a more natural set of shots in the comfort of your office or at a suitable, favourite location.

A business owner posing at their desk for a corporate photoshoot
A group shot of the employees and directors of a plumbing company

Case study: Heathlands Plumbing Services

One of my regular clients is a web design agency and they often call upon me to undertake branding shoots for their clients.

Usually this is because their clients existing photos are often stock images that bear no relationship to their business and their headshots look very amateur and lack consistency.

This shoot for Heathlands Plumbing Services is one such example. The brief was to produce a set of images that reflects the organisation as being a medium sized professional operation with nine plumbers on the road.

They also wanted to show that they also served corporate clients as well as their residential clientelle.

Two directors of a heating company pouring over plans in their office.
Corporate photography of a meeting being held at a plumbing and heating company

The shoots took place over two days. We concentrated on the offices and the team on the first day.

They were especially interested in showing that all of the team were involved in the business by showing their involvement in meetings.

For the second day a location shoot was organised to show the 9 vans and 2 support vehicles and all of the team as a hero image for the header of the website.

This proved to be very entertaining as all 9 vans had to be lined up in a perfect semi-circle.

The images from the shoot were used by the design agency to create their updated website and the images were also shared with Heathlands  so they could use them in their social media campaigns and for printed materials too.

Heathlands were delighted with the results, as they presented the business as being professional and set them apart from their competition who were generally one man bands.

The whole package enabled them to compete competiveley with the crowded commercial market place.

If you feel that this would help in your business then please contact me on the form below so that we can discuss your branding needs.

A member of call handling staff working at her desk at Heathlands Heating Services

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