Events & PR Gallery

A white Porche Taycan car parked in a bay next to a high speed charging point at a motorway services
PR image of a Porsche Taycan electric vehicle being charged at a super-fast charging unit
A view of a set of high speed charging points for electric cars at a motorway services
A pair of competition participants pictured with Kwasi Kwarteng, the business secretary.
Interaction between an exhibitor and visitors to Christmas in July exhibition
Two young ladies trying some Balileys cocktails at a business exhibition
Two women looking forward to sampling some artisan hot chocolate at a business exhibition.
An arrangement of circular shapes. part of the hard landscaping in the new childrens garden at Kew
A curved route through a tunnel of coloured glass with a curved bench along the side.
A group photograph of the designers of the childrens garden in Kew gardens.
A view down the aisle at Woking's Christ Church during the Elmbridge Choirs Christmas concert
Close up image of the conductor and musical director at work with the Elmbridge choirs at their Christmas concert.
An EltonJohn tribute act is sitting at his piano singing at an event organised by th eElmbridge Ladies Choir
A close up of a row of the Elmbridge Ladies Choir singing at their Christmas concert in Woking
Close up of 'Walk the Walk' founder Nina Barough CBE amongst the exhibits at the the 'Bust Up' launch event.
An overview of the seven designed bras for the walk the walk charity launch event in the Lightbox in Woking
Image of a group of volunteers carrying balloons at a launch event for the walk the walk charity.
A close up image of a designed bra celebrating London 2012 for the Bust Up launch event for the Walk th eWalk charity
Image celebrating the topping out of a school development in Surrey by Morgan Sindall construction.
A representative from Linden Homes handing over Christmas presents to the charity Shooting Star Chase
PR photography of 2 builders celebrating a collaboration for building apprentiships at a college

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