Garden Design Photography

A redesigned garden featuring a garden room opened up to form a continous link to the house
A soft focus shot in a garden design featuring globe lighting with planting behind.

What are you looking for in garden design photography?


Potential clients need to feel the sunshine and smell the flowers when they view the images of your designs. You need photos that jump out at a viewer and show the personality of your designs.




The use of composition and colour is so important. Often the best light for garden photography is an overcast day as it can make the colours really stand out.

You need a good selection of images from different angles to give flexibility, as you may wish to use the images for your website, blog or perhaps for publication.

Although you might only consider getting your larger projects photographed, images of the small and intimate spaces work very well too.

How will I work.


During the shoot, I will move from large to small. You need an establishing shot to give an overview of the design and perhaps if appropriate show it in the context of the surrounding landscape.

Images of the planting help illustrate your use of colour and texture within the scheme. Close up shots of the small details are important too.

I will use a range of lenses to capture and highlight all of the various features.

The aim is for the images to lead the viewer through your garden.

A cat sits in a mediterranean themed garden design on a natural stone and gravel pathway leading to a garden offifce
A cosy corner in a garden design which features a private area with rattan seating

What can you expect when you book?


I will make the best of your design and provide images that really stand out and set you apart from the competition.

I also offer a money-back guarantee if you are not delighted with your images.

If you would like to book that initial free consultation, please contact me on the form below.


A view across a garden design featuring a sunken seating area covered by a wooden pergola with rattan seating and a sunshade.

Case study: Holley Garden Design

One of my great loves is working with other creative professionals. This photographic shoot for a garden designer client is a case in point.

The shoot is one of a series that I carried out for this client. The beauty is they are all different which has given me the opportunity to build my portfolio and feature the varied designs.

My brief was to capture the practically of their design, including the hard landscaping and also to feature the low maintenance aspect of the space.

My garden designer Karen’s clients said that they wanted a contemporary garden in which they could entertain. The couple had been in their house many years and had developed a more traditional style of garden themselves which was no longer fulfilling their needs.

Detail shot from a garden design project featuring concrete planters filled with soft grasses. There is a metallic sculpture of a warthog in the foreground.
A view of a sunken area of a garden design used for entertaining. There is a pergola over rattan furniture and a garden umbrella

The main criteria was to gain more space for entertainment and have a garden that was easier to maintain.

Karen’s idea was to create a simple modern space with clean straight lines. The clients wanted some lighting and a water feature.

A number of the original specimen trees were to be retained. Another requirement was big bold colour combinations for the planting. It was important to have a shady area where they could sit outside.

The garden now features three separate patio areas with seating. There is a shady area at the bottom of the garden, a sunken area below a pergola and seating closer to the house.

One of the problems encountered whilst carrying out garden design photography is the weather.

There had been a few showers during this day meaning there were a few puddles about. The light was also quite harsh. It is always a balancing act with light and often I have to take multiple exposures and blend them together to get the right look.

This is one of the problems of using a modern digital camera. They are unable to resolve the range of light that the human eye can see.

When I work with my clients, I always like them to share the brief that they have been given. I like to know their thoughts and where their inspiration came from. This background is important to me so that I am able to capture the ambience and feel for the space that they envisioned in their design.

If you are in need of some garden design photography to capture your designs perfectly, please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

A family entertainment area in a corner of a garden surrounded by concrete planting bedsa nd a sunshade

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