Marketing shared and managed office space. How do you entice businesses to your space?

Marketing photography of kitchen area in a shared office space

Marketing photography is an absolute must.

When businesses assess potential shared office space for their business, they obviously need the right amount of space. However more important are the facilities available for their staff.

They will need suitable breakout facilities for meetings. Also, areas to prepare food and drink for those all-important breaks.

If you have shared office space on offer you need to show these areas in your marketing material too. So, when you organise that important professional shoot, you need to ensure that all spaces are included in the brief.

The client

I was approached by the owner of shared office space in my hometown. This was from a recommendation by a fellow photographer who had moved away from the area.

A meeting was arranged to discuss the brief, where I discovered the offices had been recently refurbished. This meant that all the existing imagery was outdated.

Allan had plans to expand his business and take on extra space in another building. This meant a further opportunity later on. With the brief agreed a date was set for the shoot on a day when the offices would be empty.

The brief

For the marketing photography Allan required bright, airy inviting shots to promote his business. As the offices had been refurbished, all areas needed to be covered.

Especially important were the shared facilities such as breakout spaces and the kitchen. He had also invested in some soundproofed booths for business calls.

Some clients required a more private space, so partioned off spaces were to be covered too.

Profile of the marketing photography shoot

The shoot was scheduled for a Saturday when the offices are normally closed. This gave us a free reign to access all areas without disturbance.

Allan was there to help with setting up the shots. This is very useful to me as shots can be pre-approved and the various angles checked by the client.

As this was a shared space approval was sought for what could or could not be covered especially for the private spaces.

Full advantage was taken to show the shared facilities at their best. Most important would be the shared kitchen.

A good mix of the several styles in the office were captured.


As usual, the method of production is to blend multiple images. This allows the light in the image to be balanced giving a very natural look. This method is time effective at the shooting stage as supplementary light does not need to be set up.

Once blended the images are edited to maintain balance with any distracting features removed. In reality most of the work is at the taking stage. Most postproduction is to deal with the shortcomings of camera technology which can’t yet exactly reproduce what the eye sees.


Allan now has the material to update his website with a set of consistent images that accurately reflect his offering. Allan is pleased that he now has the quality of images that will help to encourage prospective clients to book a viewing.

This should help to fill the space especially as there are plans for expansion of the business.

If you feel that you in need of advice or require similar imagery, then please do give me a call.

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