Photography Tuition

Bright sunrise over a picturesque beach on the island of Jura in the Hebrides
A portrait taken on location with diagonal stripes as a background

Are you looking for photography tuition courses in Surrey?


Are you a budding photographer who is struggling with all the techy stuff and feel that you might need some photography tuition in order to improve?

Do you want to know more about your camera and move away from full auto?

Do you think that you might need some photographic tuition?




Would you like to unleash your creativity but lack confidence?

Do you want to improve your photography by learning about composition and what it takes to create a great photograph?

Are you interested in building your knowledge and experience in a particular area of photography?

Are you in business and wish to be able to produce your own marketing images?

Photography Tuition Subjects include:

  • Light and its properties
  • Types of camera
  • Auto modes and picture styles
  • Types of lenses & their uses
  • Compositional rules, format and framing
  • Perspective and depth
  • Reviewing your photography
Warm afternoon light in Donegal in the Irish Republic. Illustrates the use of lead in lines in photography.

If any of this sums up your needs.

I offer 121 photographic tuition on location in Surrey to enable you to get the best from your own camera, providing hands-on advice on technical use and composition. The date and locations are arranged to suit you.

Examples of sessions available are:

Landscape photography – what makes a great landscape shot.

Food Photography – how to get that perfect food shot.

Interior Photography – how to nail those difficult exposures.

Plus many other options.

Please give me a call or fill out my contact form below to find out how I can help you

Sessions last for 2 hours and cost just £99.

Early morning at Bambrugh Castle taken across the sandunes with a lone couple walking on the beach

Case study: Northumberland Coast and Country

To be a creative photographer you need to set yourself projects that will stretch your capabilities and take you out of your comfort zone.

My passion is landscape photography and I love to travel to different areas of the United Kingdom in order to hone my craft.

Landscape photography is a subject that presents many challenges as you are subject to so many variables such as the weather, what the camera can actually capture and to find something unique to shoot.

There are many decisions to be made such as time of day, composition, colour or black and white and whether to use filters.


A black and white photograph taken at Sycamore Gap alongside Hadrians Wall in Northumberland
Sun rising over a beach in Northumberland.

For me the main choice is which lens is appropriate for the image that you wish to make. It is not always what you might expect.

Most people assume for landscape that you would go straight for a wide angle lens. This is often not the best choice as the natural world is complex and a telephoto can be used to great effect to simplify things giving a much better composition.

The important factor with lenses is their angle of view and how they effect space in the frame.

One comment that I often receive when I am out and about is that I have a nice camera and I must get good images with that. The truth is that you can get great images most nearly all cameras including your phone if you spend a little time to get to know it and its capabilities.

Once you know this then you can take steps to be in charge and create the results that you want from your photography.

If you feel that you would need some tuition then I would love to meet you. You just need to contact me for the availability of dates and locations.

A group of huts formed form upturned fishing boats in Black and White. Located on Holy Island.

I would love to hear from you