Tuition Gallery

A view across Man 'O'War bay in Dorset showing an azure sea and dramatic clouids with the Isle of Portland in the distance.
Sun rising over a beach in Northumberland.
A winter view of a thermal spring in Yellowstone National Park. The orange colour of the water is contrasting with a grey winter sky.
A group of huts formed form upturned fishing boats in Black and White. Located on Holy Island.
A black and white image of the Kelpies at Falkirk, Scotland showing just the horses heads against the sky
Warm afternoon light in Donegal in the Irish Republic. Illustrates the use of lead in lines in photography.
Early morning at Bambrugh Castle taken across the sandunes with a lone couple walking on the beach
A black and white photograph taken at Sycamore Gap alongside Hadrians Wall in Northumberland
Early morning photograph of some bullrushes by a river being backlit by the low sun.
A striking image of a futuristic looking sculpture of a vehicle on the Southbank in London
Bright sunrise over a picturesque beach on the island of Jura in the Hebrides
Early morning atmospheric shot of a derelict pier on the Island of Mull.
Abandoned fishing boats with seaweed in the foreground at Salen on the Isle of Mull

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